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Websockets, Elastic Beanstalk, and Application Load Balancers - 2020 edition


We've been working on some multiplayer capabilities for our classic card game site Solitaired, and have been exploring how to do this using Websockets...

Why Email Registration is Dead. How Removing it Improved Retention by a Surprising 4.5%


In our last business, where we ran popular educational products like EasyBib, we learned the power of email registration. When users registered we fo...

Killing Our Help Center Improved Customer Satisfaction And Revenue By Over 11%


Being card game geeks, we run our solitaire site as a fun hobby. As we gained some users though over the last year and launched a subscription servic...

What the 2020 election taught us about user research


By November 5, 2020, as election results continued to be tallied, it was becoming certain that Joe Biden would go on to become the winner of the 2020 ...

How We Improved Employee Engagement and Retention over 24%


We’ve always been believers that a great work culture will lead to positive results. Our thinking is simple: if you have fun at work and collaboratin...

How we improved our remote work productivity by 23%


While many teams last year were suddenly thrown into the deep end and forced to figure out how to work successfully remotely, we already had a remote...


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