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New Feature on Solitaired: Performance Analytics


We're pleased to introduce a new feature on Solitaired: Performance Analytics. This feature is designed to give players a clearer view of their progre...

Solitaired In-Game Coins |


Solitaired In-Game Coins Do Not Represent Real-World Currency.Please read the following disclaimer carefully before engaging in usage involving our in...

New Navigation and Discovery for Solitaire Games


Did you know on Solitaired, you can play over 500 different solitaire games? Chances are you didn't know this. While we make our most popular games ac...

Update to Personal Stats


We know many of you love competing on our leaderboards, but we also know that with our solitaire games, you also compete against yourself. A few month...

Our Carbon Offset Program


The team at Solitaired recognizes the importance of addressing the environmental impact of its business and operations. Online platforms like ours, de...

Why we switched from Wordpress to Node.js


This was not the post I planned to write. In fact, I had a draft I was about to publish - How to run Wordpress+SSL on AWS Lightsail SSL for Cheap. But...

120 year old Anheuser Busch themed playing cards and solitaire game


Needless to say, we created our online solitaire site because we love cards games, but we also created it because we love card designs. In an earlier ...

Smithsonian antique playing cards


It’s no secret we created our online solitaire game because we love both card games and card designs. Not long ago, we had come across some Anheuser B...

Heros of Space and Flight Cards and Solitaire Game


Those individuals who led advances in both air and space travel are true heroes. They pushed the boundaries of innovation, inspiring us to believe any...

5 steps that decreased our bounce rate by a huge 41%


When my mother in law told me the solitaire game she loved was no longer online, my friend and I thought that it might be a fun project to launch our...


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