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By Darshan - 08/26/2023

Solitaired In-Game Coins Do Not Represent Real-World Currency.

Please read the following disclaimer carefully before engaging in usage involving our in-game tokens, called "coins." It is important to understand that these tokens hold no intrinsic or real-world monetary value, and their usage is solely limited to within the confines of the game environment.

Non-Convertible: Our coins are not convertible to any real-world currency, and they cannot be exchanged for legal tender, goods, or services outside of the game. They are intended solely for use within the virtual world as a medium of exchange for in-game features.

No Monetary Value: Our in-game coins have no intrinsic monetary value and should not be considered as a form of currency or investment. Any perceived value assigned to these coins by players is purely fictional and does not represent actual financial worth.

Limited Usage: In-game coins are designed exclusively for use within our game and are subject to the rules, regulations, and policies set forth by Solitaired. They hold no value beyond the game's boundaries and cannot be redeemed or transferred to any external platform, wallet, or financial institution.

Subject to Change: We reserve the right to modify or terminate the in-game coins system, including the availability, value, and usage of coins, at any time without prior notice. Such changes may be necessary to maintain balance, integrity, and fairness within the game environment.

By engaging in the use or acquisition of our in-game coins, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. It is essential to recognize that these tokens are purely a virtual construct and hold no value outside the boundaries of the game. We encourage players to exercise caution and not attribute any real-world financial worth to these coins.

About the author

Darshan Somashekar is one of the founders of Solitaired. This website was originally inspired by his mother-in-law, who couldn't find the original game she used to play after a big software update. In addition to programming, Darshan collects Hot Wheels cars and likes listening to 90s music.

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