About Us and Our Mission to Create Joy

We're Neal and Darshan, two long-time friends and tech entrepreneurs. We're lucky to have built two businesses previously. Our most recent business, Imagine Easy Solutions, was an educational one, and helped over 30 million students yearly!

In December of 2019, we decided to make this site after Darshan discovered that his mother-in-law was a Solitaire fanatic, and the version she was familiar with was no longer online. So we decided to make our own version with all the features she likes.

Along the way, we learned about the benefits classic games can have on reasoning, memory, and processing speed. While we have over 500 games and a number of features, we're also exploring how games can improve mental sharpness.

Our goal is to create a network of fun gaming sites that not only improve congitive skills, but also allow you to have fun! We hope you love Solitaired and tell everyone you know about it!

If you have any feedback for us, please let us know!

Neal Taparia & Darshan Somashekar

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About Our Team

After we started seeing more and more people play our solitaire games, we knew we wanted to double down to create the best classic gaming platform. We brought on Emry DowningHall to help us think about monetization, as well as Mike Miller and Carson Banov to take on product and engineering efforts. We had all worked together previously, and believed we could all achieve our goal of creating amazing games as team.

Learn more about our parent company Unwind Media and our team here.

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Contacting us

You can always reach out to us on our website, call us at 754-216-9465, or visit our headquarters at 400 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Reviews and Testimonials about Solitaired

"Just enjoy the game more than television. I feel like it kinda keeps me mentally alert at my senior age." - Joe B.

"Ease of access and all things solitaire. I love it." - M. Hamlin

"Such fun to play, hints available if required, relieves stress." - M. Thompson

"Excellent time pass and great brain activity." - B. Kepka

"It makes me sit down in this crazy and busy world and helps me organize my thoughts." - T. Gordon

"Solitaired has great games! Word games, too. I love that they keep statistics for you. And did I mention it is FREE?" - M. Beattie

"Gives me a break in the day to forget about work....with all the stress it helps me focus on trying to have fun and win a game." - B. Graves

"Stimulates the brain and ideal for sleepless nights." - G. Braniff

Our Commitment to Accessibility

We are dedicated to ensuring digital accessibility for all users, striving to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA standards. We maintain an ongoing commitment to improving our website's accessibility, including features like alternative text, keyboard navigation, readable fonts, and responsive design. Don't hesitate to contact us with accessibility concerns, and we'll continue our efforts to enhance accessibility.

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Additional Information

We offset 100% of our business CO2 usage via Terrapass.

Solitaired™ part of the Unwind Media - check out our Media Kit here.

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