About Us

Fellow Solitaire Lovers,

We're two long-time friends and tech entrepreneurs. We're lucky to have sold two businesses to public companies. Our most recent business was an educational one, and helped over 30 million students yearly!

We decided to make this site after one of us discovered that his mother-in-law was a Solitaire fanatic, and the version she was familiar with was no longer online. So we decided to make our own version with all the features she likes.

Along the way, we learned about the benefits classic games can have on reasoning, memory, and processing speed. While we have over 500 games and a number of features, we're also exploring how games can improve mental sharpness.

Our goal is to create a fun solitaire site that also benefits the brain. We hope you love Solitaired and tell everyone you know about it!

Neal & Darshan

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