About Neal Taparia

Neal Taparia is the co-founder of Solitaired. He's been involved in building internet websites and applications since his childhood. As a high school student in 2001, along with Darshan Somashekar, who also co-founded Solitaired, he launched EasyBib.com, a tool that helped students automate citations.

After graduating Northwestern University in 2006, Neal took a job at Lehman Brothers. By 2008, EasyBib had become a popular application used by millions of students, and Neal decided to focus his efforts building out the product with Darshan under an edtech company they formed called Imagine Easy Solutions.

Imagine Easy introduced note taking, research, grammar, plagiarism, and citation tools, and by 2016 reached 40 million students yearly. That same year, Neal and Darshan decided to sell the business to Chegg, a publicly traded education company. The two stayed at Chegg from 2016 to 2019 as executives and helped Chegg grow its market capitalization.

In 2019, after Darshan learned from his mother-in-law that her favorite solitaire app was no longer available, the two launched Solitaired to explore both how to make great games, but also how education and brain training can be tied to gaming.

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What does Neal do?

Neal focuses on the growth and user acquisition for Solitaired. He also manages administrative and financials tasks needed to keep the company running. Alongside Darshan, he also guides the strategic direction for Solitaired.


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