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What is Eight Off Solitaire?

Eight Off is a Solitaire game played with one deck of cards, and is similar to FreeCell and Baker’s Game. Unlike those games, there are 8 free cells, and cards are sequenced by suit.

How to Play


The goal is to move all cards from the tableau and free cells into 4 foundation piles by suit in ascending order.

The Setup and Play Area

There are three main areas in the game:

Tableau: This is the area where cards are placed face-up in 8 columns with 6 cards each, totaling 48 cards.

Free cells: These are the eight open cells where you can move any playable card. The game starts with four cards placed in these cells.

Foundation piles: These are the 4 piles at the top of the game where cards are placed by suit in ascending order from Ace to King.

Available moves

  • Only Aces can start the foundation, and subsequent cards must be in ascending order by suit. For example, only a 2 of Hearts can be played on an Ace of Hearts.
  • The last card in the tableau column is playable. It can be moved to a free cell if open, or on top of another playable card one rank higher of the same suit.
  • Free cells can only contain one card at a time.
  • Cards in the free cells can be moved to the tableau on top of playable cards that are one rank higher and of the same suit, or they can be moved to the foundation on top of a card of the same suit that is one rank lower.
  • If a tableau column is empty, a King can be placed there.
  • You win when all cards are moved to the foundation.


To win follow these tips:

  • Think several steps forward. Prioritize revealing Aces, twos, and threes if they are in challenging positions to kickstart building the foundation piles and freeing up more cards. Moving cards without a strategy can lead to an early deadlock in the game.
  • Immediately move Aces to the foundation.
  • Use free cells as a last resort when no other moves are available in the tableau. Think of the free cells as a short-term storage space that helps facilitating further moves. Additionally, the more free cells that open, that more sequenced cards you can move together.
  • Free up columns. This way, you can move a King, start building new sequences, and free up cards in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the probability of winning Eight Off?

We looked at 14,667 random games played. Of those, 5,505 were won, or 37.53%.

What are other popular Solitaire games to try?

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