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How to Play Triple Yukon Solitaire

Triple Yukon is Yukon Solitaire with 3 decks of cards, or 156 cards.


The goal is to move all cards from the tableau into the 12 foundation piles, by suit, from Ace to King.

Setup and Play Area

  • Foundation: These are the 12 empty piles at the beginning of the game. You place cards from Ace to King by suit in ascending order in each foundation pile. There are 3 foundations per suit. You win when all cards are moved to the foundation.
  • The tableau: This is the area with 13 columns. The first column has 6 cards, the second column has 7 cards, and each subsequent column has one more card, totaling 156 cards. The last 6 cards in each column are facing up.

How to set up Triple Yukon Solitare

Rules and Available Moves

  • Tableau cards can be moved on top of another card of the opposite color, one rank higher. A 3 of Diamonds, for example, can be moved on top of a 4 of Spades.
  • You can move stacked cards in the tableau regardless of their order, as long as the bottom card you’re moving is one rank below and of the opposite color of the card you’re moving it on top of. For example, if the top card of a tableau pile is a black queen and another pile has a red jack under a number of cards you can’t move yet, you can move that stack, starting with the red jack, onto the black queen. This is the rule that makes Yukon unique.
  • Kings can start an empty tableau column.
  • Foundations must be built by suit in ascending order, for example, from Ace of Spades to King of Spades.
  • You can move cards from a foundation pile to a tableau pile, so strategic backtracking is allowed.


  • Take your time. If Yukon is a new game variant for you, it may take some time to get used to how movement works. Look carefully at every card before making moves, not just the top cards. You just don’t want to miss any possibilities.
  • Try to empty the tableau piles quickly. The faster you can reveal the face-down cards, the faster you can strategize moving them to the foundations.
  • Use aces as soon as they become available. Aces begin all foundation piles, so use these once they become available.
  • Move cards to the foundation quickly. This will free up more cards to play in the tableau.
  • Try and clear the tableau column towards the beginning of the game, allowing you to move Kings to those empty columns.
  • Try to build the foundations evenly. If one foundation is built immediately in the game, you now have fewer cards of that color to help you sequence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of winning Triple Yukon?

When looking at 1,389 random games played, 54 were won, making the win rate 3.89%. This means Triple Yukon is slightly harder than Classic Yukon which has a win rate of 13.69%, and Double Yukon which has a win rate of 10.28%. This suggests that the more cards there are in Yukon, the harder the game gets.

What are similar games?

There are dozens of variations of Yukon Solitaire such as Double Russian Solitaire, Double Yukon, Alaska, Queenie, and Scorpion Solitaire.

What are other popular Solitaire games to try?


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