Top 11 Solitaire Strategies from Our Users

By Neal Taparia - 08/29/2023

Over 20 million users yearly love playing Solitaire on our site, and we know they love to win. While we’ve created a strategy guide to help improve your skills, we also wanted to collect and share strategies from you, the user!

Responses ranged from tactical and practical, to mental. 

Here are 11 Strategies from Our Users to Win Solitaire:

  1. When you find yourself stuck, consider checking the foundation for a card that can be moved back to the tableau, allowing you to make another move.
  2. Prioritize using the cards already on the tableau over those in the stock pile. For instance, if you have a 4 on the tableau and a 4 in the stock pile, prioritize the one on the tableau. This action can create openings for new cards and potentially free up a space for placing a King. However, an exception arises if the 4 in the stock pile belongs to a card type (Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds, Spades) that is more strategically suited for placement. This can be particularly relevant if you intend to stack another card on top of this 4, making it beneficial to arrange specific card types in a particular order.
  3. Keep the waste pile in mind and consider its contents during your decisions.
  4. Avoid having two Kings of the same color on the tableau whenever possible.
  5. Always move cards from left to right within the tableau.
  6. Strive to maintain sequences for Kings of the opposite color while minimizing duplication when feasible.
  7. Given a choice, prioritize exposing face-down cards instead of immediately freeing up a spot for a new King.
  8. Identifying Aces early on can be advantageous on occasion.
  9. When faced with two potential moves, consider trying one, undoing it if necessary, and then exploring the second option.
  10. Focus on revealing unseen cards before anything else. Use the cards in the foundation to assist you in determining which cards in the tableau can potentially be removed.
  11. Only introduce cards from the stock pile to the tableau if they contribute to your strategy. For instance, only place a seven if it aids in setting up a six on the tableau.

Other strategies:

  1. Go for accuracy not speed.
  2. If you get stuck, look away and look back at the game and you may see a play.
  3. Go slow at first, use your undo button when needed.
  4. Keep your eyes on the whole board.
  5. Be patient and alert.

About the author

Neal Taparia is one of the founders of Solitaired. He loves playing card games and is interested in understanding how games can help with brain training and skills building. In addition to card games, he also likes fishing and mountain biking.