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How to Play Clover Leaf Solitaire

In Clover Solitaire, you build 2 foundations in descending order and the other 2 in ascending order.


The goal is to move and organize all cards from the stock pile and tableau into 4 foundation piles.

The Setup and Play Area

Tableau: This is the area where cards are placed face-up in 16 columns of 3 face-up cards each, totaling 48 cards.

Foundation piles: There are 4 foundation piles. 2 start with an Ace of Diamonds and Ace of Hearts. You build these foundations in ascending order by suit. The other 2 foundations start with a King of Club and a King of Spades. You build these foundations in descending order by suit. Once you've successfully built these foundations, you win the game.

Available moves

  • The last card in each tableau column can be moved to the foundation if it's in the correct ascending or descending order. For example, to start the game, a 2 of Hearts can be moved on top of the Ace of Hearts in the Hearts foundation, which must be built in ascending order. Similarly, at the start of the game, a Queen of Spades can be moved on top of the King of Spades in the Spades foundation, which must be built in descending order.
  • Only the last card in the tableau column is playable, and it can either be moved to the foundation or on top of another card of the same suit, one rank higher or lower. An 8 of Diamonds, for example, can be moved on top of a 9 or 7 of Diamonds.
  • Unlike Klondike, you cannot move a group of sequenced cards in the tableau.
  • An Ace of King may be placed in an empty tableau column.
  • You win when all cards are placed in the 8 foundations. If you can't successfully do this, you lose.


  • Create empty columns to move Aces or Kings, which may be blocking other cards.
  • Immediately move high or low cards like 2s and Queens to the foundation.
  • The first visible sequence may not always be the best one. Plan out your moves to remove as many cards as possible from the tableau.
  • Because foundations are built from Ace to King or from King to Ace, try to make lower-ranked and higher-ranked cards available so you can move them out of the tableau into the foundation.
  • If you get stuck, use the undo button. You may not always make the right moves, and you may need to reverse some to win the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are similar games?

Limited Solitaire, Josephine Solitaire, Squadron, Sixty ThievesForty Thieves, and Thieves of Egypt all have similar rules.

What is the probability of winning Corona Solitaire?

We looked at 103 random games played. Of those, 40 were won, or 38.83%. This makes Clover Leaf Solitaire easier than most Solitaire games. This is because you have more sequencing options, as you may build cards up or down.

What are other popular Solitaire games to try?


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