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The Cities with the Rudest Kids in 2024


Rude kids. Many Americans cross paths with them regularly, while others are only exposed to the behaviors once in a blue moon. Regardless of the f...

The States with the Worst Procrastinators


Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, but many Americans still find themselves putting off tasks on the...

8 Best TriPeaks Solitaire Apps to Download for iOS and Android


TriPeaks Solitaire is a clearing game where your goal is to remove cards by matching them with one card one rank lower or higher. When you clear all t...

Most Boring Tourist Attractions in the World


The best time for a Solitaire game is when you are bored, but you probably never plan to be bored on vacation. However, not every stop on an itine...

9 Best Pyramid Solitaire Apps to Download for iOS and Android


Pyramid Solitaire is one of the easiest card games to learn. The objective is simple: remove pairs of cards that add up to 13 starting from the b...

How Americans Cope with the Sunday Scaries


As Monday nears and the fantasy of weekend fulfillment fades into the sobering reality of yet another workweek, millions of Americans experience a ver...

The Top 10 Most Difficult Solitaire Games, Backed by Data


On Solitaired, over a billion Solitaire games are played a year, and we track how many games are started and how many games are won. This gives us uni...

12 Types of Solitaire Games & How to Play Them


When you want a single-player card game, Solitaire is a great fit, but there’s more than one type of Solitaire you can play. With several versions of ...

50 Card Games to Curb Boredom


A couple of decks of cards may not seem like much, but they can provide hours of fun. These popular card games include Solitaire variants, melding, fa...

The 7 Best Solitaire Apps to Play Anytime, Anywhere


For most of us, Solitaire was among the first games on our PC that we tried. Today, there are countless options to play Solitaire. Below we’ve listed ...


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