How to Play Word Hurdle - 4 Letters

  • Begin by guessing a 4 letter word
  • After guessing you’ll see boxes turn blue, gray, and yellow.
  • Blue means you have guessed the correct placement for the letter.
  • Yellow means you have guessed the correct letter but it’s in the wrong place
  • Gray means the letter is not in the word
  • Based on the what you learn from the highlighted boxes, you have six guess to figure out the word
  • You can use hints to to find out what letters are not part of the word

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World Hurdle Strategy with 4 letters

Word Hurdle with 4 letters can be challenging given that words can be similar. Here are some strategies:

  • Start with common letters: Choose a starting word that includes common vowels (like 'A' and 'E') and common consonants (like 'R', 'T', 'N', 'S'). A good starting word might be "RATE" or "SEAT". After vowels, letters like 'R', 'T', 'N', 'S', 'L', and 'C' are frequently seen in 4-letter words.
  • Vowel Variation: Since there are fewer letters to work with, quickly identifying the correct vowels is crucial. In your second guess, try to use different vowels than your first guess, unless you've already confirmed a correct vowel. For instance, if you started with "RATE", a good second guess might be "LOUD" to check for 'O' and 'U'.
  • Common Endings: Many 4-letter words in English have common endings like "-ER", "-ED", "-LE", or "-LY". If you identify any of these patterns, it can quickly lead you to the correct answer

Remember, each guess is more impactful due to the fewer number of letters involved. So, it's important to choose words that maximize the information gained with each attempt.

What are good words to use?

Here are some good starting words that have a broad coverage of the alphabet, and have common letters, consonants, and vowels.:

  • "Real": Includes a good mix of vowels ('E' and 'A') and common consonants ('R' and 'L').
  • "Love": Offers a different vowel set and includes a common consonant ('V').
  • "Time": Useful for checking common consonants like 'T' and 'M', along with 'I' and 'E'.
  • "Hard": Combines frequently used consonants with a common vowel.
  • "Sail": A strategic choice for its mix of consonants and including two different vowels.
  • "Note": Covers a range of common letters and helps check for 'N' and 'T'.
  • "Earl": Good for checking common consonants and vowels, particularly 'E' and 'A'.

Other good starting words include:

  • "Bear"
  • "Port"
  • "Mist"
  • "Cold"
  • "Wine.
  • "Kite"
  • "Neat"
  • "Hero"

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