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How to Play Wish Solitaire

Wish Solitaire is a simple matching game like Pyramid Solitaire where you match cards of the same rank.


Match 16 pairs of cards of equal rank in the tableau.

The Setup and Play Area

Tableau: This is the area where there are 8 columns, each with 4 face-up cards, totaling 32 cards.

How to set up Wish Solitaire

Available moves

  • Only the last card in each tableau column can be matched. Cards with other cards on top of them cannot be matched.
  • Match pairs or cards that have equal ranks to clear them from the tableau.
  • When you clear all cards from the tableau, you win.


The game mostly depends on luck and the way the cards are dealt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of winning?

Of 20 attempted games, 5 were won, or 25%. Winning depends on the cards dealt to the tableau.

What are similar solitaire games to try?

Pyramid Solitaire and Giza are both games where you have to match cards to clear them from the game.

What are other popular Solitaire games?

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