Online Word Games That Are Good for Your Memory

By Neal Taparia - Last updated: 09/27/2023

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Are you looking for a fun way to keep your brain active? Playing online word games, like our Word Hurdle or Phrazle game, is a great way to stay sharp and challenge your memory. Word games provide an enjoyable way to exercise your mental muscles, and there are plenty of options available for all skill levels. In this blog post, we will go over the five best online word games to keep your memory sharp.

From classic favorites to more modern takes on word games, you’ll find something to suit your style. Let's get started!


Crossword puzzle

Crosswords are a great way to keep your memory sharp, as they require you to recall words and phrases in order to solve the puzzle. Crosswords also offer great opportunities for learning new words, as some clues may have you stumped and you have to look them up in a dictionary.

There are several websites that offer free crossword puzzles, so you can easily find one that suits your skill level. Whether it's a quick daily puzzle or a larger, more challenging weekly puzzle, there are plenty of options out there. Some websites even offer themed puzzles, like sports or pop culture, which makes it more fun and enjoyable. You can also download apps for your phone or tablet to play crosswords on the go!


One of the most popular online word games is Scrabble, which is a classic game of strategy and vocabulary. Players use seven letter tiles to create words in a crossword-style pattern. Scrabble has been played by people of all ages for generations and continues to be a great way to exercise your mental muscles.

Scrabble is a great game to play if you're looking to sharpen your spelling, grammar, and word knowledge. As you search for words to place on the board, you may even discover new words and their definitions that you can incorporate into your everyday vocabulary. Plus, with various point values for different letters, you get to work on your strategies for maximizing your score.

Scrabble is available online in various formats from apps to browser versions. If you're looking to challenge yourself or other players from around the world, there are many options for competitive play. It’s a great way to exercise your memory and make the most out of your word game experience!


Boggle is a classic word game that’s perfect for improving your memory. To play, you get a 4x4 grid of letter cubes and try to create as many words as possible in a limited amount of time. The player who finds the most words wins!

Boggle is great for developing mental agility and increasing your vocabulary. It also helps with spelling, because when you try to create a word, you have to remember how to spell it correctly. Additionally, this game can help increase your creativity and problem-solving skills.

What makes Boggle stand out from other online word games is its fast pace. You have to think quickly and move on to the next word without getting stuck. And since you're playing against a timer, you're forced to stay focused on the task at hand.

Overall, Boggle is a great game for keeping your memory sharp and honing your word skills. It's definitely worth giving it a shot!

Words With Friends

Words with Friends is a popular online word game that has become a staple of many people’s mobile gaming library. Players take turns creating words with letter tiles on a board in an attempt to score the most points. Words can be formed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally across the board. The game allows for players to battle against their friends or random opponents from all around the world.

Players can also send special boosts like power-ups to their opponents during a game. These boosts allow for players to turn a losing game into a winning one or vice versa. With its wide array of levels, bonuses, and rewards, Words with Friends is a great way to keep your mind sharp and engage in some friendly competition.

The app also has a daily challenge mode that lets players practice their skills against computer-generated opponents. This mode offers exclusive bonus tiles, such as those that double or triple the value of the words formed, which add an extra layer of fun to the game. With over 3,000 words in its library, Words with Friends is sure to keep players entertained and engaged for hours.

Words Searches

Word searches are a classic game that are sure to give your brain a great workout. Word searches involve finding hidden words in a grid of letters. They can range from simple grids with 3-4 letter words to more complex grids with longer words. With the right strategies and knowledge, you can quickly find the words and hone your memory skills.

Word searches are especially good for improving short-term memory, as they require you to quickly scan the grid and identify words that you may have forgotten. To make it even more challenging, you can increase the number of words or decrease the size of the grid. This will require you to focus on remembering where each word is located in the grid.

You can find word searches in various formats, including books, newspapers, and even online. There are many websites that offer free word searches for you to play. You can also try out different levels of difficulty to find one that’s suitable for your skill level. So why not give it a go and see how sharp your memory really is?

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