101 Top Team Building Activities

By Neal Taparia - 03/29/2021

Team building exercises are an excellent way to bring people together and encourage them to think and act together as a team. Not only do they encourage teamwork, but they also help to promote creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, they allow colleagues and strangers to get to know one another, and they help to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in the group.

There are a wide variety of different team building activities that can be done to help create a more united team. Many of them require critical thinking and problem solving skills while others encourage physical activity. With the world going remote, many of these team building activities can be done online as well with simple adaptions.

Here is a list of the top 100 team building exercises that you can try with your group today!

1. Two Truths and a Lie

Have your group sit in a circle and give them a few minutes for each person to come up with two facts that are true about themselves and one lie. Encourage them to make the lie as believable as possible. Then go around the circle and have each person take a turn sharing their two truths and a lie. Allow the rest of the participants to take turns guessing which facts are true and which are not. This is a great exercise to encourage people to share something about themselves and to get to know one another and it can also be done virtually as well!

2. Shipwreck

Have your group break off into small teams and tell them that they have all been shipwrecked on a small deserted island. Have each teammate silently write down one item that they would bring with them. When they are done, tell them they must develop a strategy to use only the items they have in their pockets right now and the items they have written down to survive and attempt to get rescued or escape the island. At the end, have each team share their strategies with the group. This is a great exercise to get the creative juices flowing and to encourage out of the box thinking.

3. The Puzzle Trade

Provide each team with a simple puzzle. These can be purchased from a local dollar store or can be printed off the computer and cut out yourself. The only difference with this puzzle is that a few pieces have been mixed up with the other teams! Teammates must correctly identify which team has their missing pieces and trade to get them back. The first team to complete their puzzle wins!

4. Orienteering

Orienteering is a fun way to get to know others and to learn to work together. There are many local orienteering clubs that offer group events. Teams are given a compass and a map and must move from point to point through unusual and often rough or forested terrain. The goal is to arrive at each checkpoint and finish the route in the shortest time possible.

5. Board Game Tournament

Who doesn’t love playing board games? Why not set up multiple different stations, each with a different game. Have groups play different games while getting to know one another. Set a timer and have people switch and play with new people at each game. Monopoly, Life, Snakes and Ladders, Jenga, Scattergories and Boggle are just a few perfect choices!

6. Boat Racing

If you’re looking for a way to get your team outside on a nice summer day, why not take up some kind of boat racing challenge? If you are surrounded by any type of body of water at all, then there is sure to be a company offering boating classes and races. Dragon boat or rowing races are great at encouraging teamwork as is sailing and canoeing, paddle boat or kayak races will really bring out your team’s competitive spirit.

7. Card Tournament

Playing card tournaments are an easy and inexpensive way to bring people together and encourage a friendly but competitive spirit amongst your group. Games like euchre or poker are fun and easy to learn.

8. Coffee Break

Who doesn’t love a coffee break! This team building exercise is perfect for doing virtually and can be done on Zoom, Skype or on any other virtual meeting space. Meet online at a specified time and make sure everyone involved brings their favorite cup of coffee or tea. Have each person talk about their plans or goals for the day and perhaps have everyone share one interesting fact about themselves or one tip on how to keep motivated while working from home. This is the perfect opportunity to make sure that people stay united and connected while working away from the office.

9. Bingo

Bingo isn’t just for old ladies you know, and it isn’t just played in Bingo halls. This fun game can be played in person or online and is a ton of fun for everyone of all ages. You can print out your own bingo cards, buy them at a local party or discount store or you can play a game online. Everyone loves having the chance to yell Bingo! To make it even more exciting, have prizes for the winner!

10. Only a peek

This is a fun game to play that helps participants work together while also working on their memory skills. Create some kind of structure using blocks or Lego pieces. Keep this structure hidden from sight. Have your group break off into teams and give each team the exact supplies required to recreate your structure. Next allow one person from each group a ten second peek after which they must go back to their team and attempt to instruct the others on how to build it. If after five minutes no one has built it correctly, another team member can take a ten second peek. This will continue every five minutes until all teams are successful!

11. Charades

Charades is a fun game for people of all ages and it can be played at any type of team building event. To start, break your group up into two teams. Have a selection of words or phrases written on a piece of paper. Each person will take a turn selecting a piece of paper and then acting out their word without speaking. The rest of their teammates must correctly guess what word or phrase they have chosen. If they cannot, then the other team will have a chance to guess. The team with the most correct guesses at the end, wins!

12. Play classic games

Try playing solitaire games like Freecell or Spider Solitaire. Play a game of the day and see who gets the top scores. To build team camaraderie, make bets on who on your team you think will get the best score that you reveal after everyone is done playing. This adds a fun twist and builds bonds. If you’re looking for different games, Hearts and Mahjong are also good games that you can play in a group.

13. The Silver Lining

Have your group break off into pairs. Each person should share something negative that has happened in their life. The other partner will then point out as many positive aspects of that experience as possible. This exercise helps to boost morale and encourages an open and sharing environment.

14. The Perfect Square

This exercise is done in groups of four and best done outside in an empty parking lot. Each group member takes turns being blindfolded, are given a piece of chalk and are led a few feet away from the group. The group must then, using only verbal instructions, guide them back and have them draw one side of a square. Each subsequent participant must be guided to draw the next side of the square until all four edges have been completed. Which team can provide the best directions to create the most perfect square?

15. The Minefield

In an open area, create a “minefield” with different objects. In teams of two, have one participant on one side of the field and the other, directly across from them. One player will wear a blindfold and have to travel across the minefield without stepping on any mines. They can only be led by the verbal directions of their teammate. If they step on a mine, they must start back at the beginning and try again. Once they are safely across, they will give the blindfold to their partner who will then attempt to traverse the field. The first team to have both participants successfully cross the minefield wins! And for fun, you can always play minesweeper

16. The Egg Drop

Have your group break off into equal size teams. Give each team an identical set of items that would normally be found in either the home or office. Be creative with what you provide! Also give each team one, uncooked egg. Using only the items they have been given, each team must create a device that will keep their egg safe from being broken when dropped from a pre-specified height. The teams whose egg survives the drop, win!

17. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for people of all ages! Provide a list of items to all teams and have them try to find each item. The team to find all of the items first will be declared the winner!

18. Drawing Blind

This is an excellent team building exercise for partners. Sitting back-to-back, one person is given a piece of paper and a writing utensil while the other is given an object. They must describe the object, in detail, without revealing what it is while the opposite person draws what they describe. This activity is great for working on good communication skills.

19. The Human Knot

If you are looking for a way to get up and get active then the human knot is the perfect exercise for your group. Have all participants start by standing up and forming a circle. Everyone must hold hands but they cannot hold the hand of the person next to them. Now everyone must undo the knot by twisting, turning and stepping over or under each other’s arms! If anyone lets go, then the whole process starts over from the beginning.

20. Iron Chef

What better way to get to know others than to cook with them! Divide your group up into smaller teams and give them a simple cooking challenge. Perhaps creating a new kind of pizza or ice cream sandwich. To make things interesting and even more creative, provide them with an obscure ingredient that all teams must incorporate into their dish in some way. Have each team rate their favorite dish afterwards in the category of taste, presentation and uniqueness!

21. This is Better than That

Divide all of your participants into smaller teams. Select four or five random items from around the room or ask your participants for their own contributions. Now give everyone a random scenario and have each group describe how they would use each item and rate them from most to least useful in aiding them in that particular scenario. Some interesting scenarios might include: trying to escape from a tiger, capturing bigfoot etc.

22. Telephone

Most of us probably remember this game from when we were children! Have your group form a circle and start out by secretly telling the first person a short phrase or sentence. This person will whisper the phrase to the next person, and so on until the phrase has made its way around the entire group. The last person then repeats exactly what they have heard. This team building exercise helps to promote group unity and is fun for people of all ages.

23. Teach a Child to Read

What better way to unite your group than to give back to your community and help children learn to read. Divide your team into smaller groups and have them write and illustrate a children’s book together. Once they are completed, work with a local school or library and have the groups present their story to the children.

24. Online Olympics

There are so many online games that can be played in groups, why not start up your own online Olympics! This can be an all day event or can take place over a series of days. There are many different team building websites or interactive party sites that offer games that are perfect for groups. Split everyone up into teams and let the competitions begin!

25. Virtual Party

Virtual party sites like houseparty.com are a great way to connect with people, especially when you can’t get out and meet face to face. Have everyone log in at a specified time and let the party begin. Everyone can socialize, play games or just have fun partying with others from the comfort of their own home.

26. Laser Tag

Laser tag is a fun way to build up morale and get your group thinking and acting as a team. Laser Tag establishments are available in most cities and offer a great group outing where teams can compete and try to take each other out by using laser guns.

27. Idea Generator

This is a great brainstorming activity that can be done in person or virtually and is excellent for getting the creative juices flowing at a work or educational event. Come up with a general topic that relates to your event and have everyone shout out the first words or ideas that come to mind. Take extra effort to ensure that everyone in the group contributes. Once you have filled an entire page, group similar ideas together. Not only will this get people thinking outside the box, but it will encourage team work and group participation.

28. Room Escape

Room escapes have been gaining popularity over the past few years. They are an excellent way to bring together a small group of people and encourage them to work as a team to solve problems. Groups will be given a scenario and “locked” into a room. Puzzles will have to be solved in order to break your way out within the specified period of time.

29. The 30 Second Commercial

Break your group into smaller teams and give them a product. If this is a work event, it could be something that your company sells or if it is an educational event, it could be something related to the educational topic. Have groups create an outline for a 30 second commercial. Get them to consider all of the best selling features of the product and encourage them to think outside the box to get as many “sales” as possible. Have the teams vote on their favorite commercial.

30. Story Time

This is a simple activity that can be done in person or virtually and encourages group participation and a fun environment. Have each member of the group share a story that relates to the reason for your meet-up. If its a workplace event then have them share their favorite moment at work, if its a family gathering then have them share a favorite family memory.

31. Napkins

Break everyone into smaller teams of about four to five people. Give the group an open-ended problem to solve and a napkin to solve it on. Some of the greatest ideas and inventions have been created on the backs of napkins! Encourage each team to think outside of the box to come to the best possible solution.

32. Trivial Pursuit

This is a great game that can be played either virtually or in person. Make up a list of interesting questions that pertain to your group. Split the group into two teams and have them compete to see who can answer the most questions correctly.

33. Body Letters

This is a fun game that will encourage your group to get up and get moving. Create teams of 5 people. Have a list of four letter words prepared and at the beginning of each round ask every group to select a team captain. Once the word is announced, the captain must assist their teammates in creating the word by forming the letters with their body. The team who is successful first will be declared the winner. At the start of each, new round, make sure a new team captain is selected.

34. Pass the ball

This is another great way to get your group moving, encourage problem solving and have lots of laughs along the way! Have your team form one, large circle and give one person a tennis ball. The ball must be passed from player to player without anyone using their hands or arms. Time to get creative!

35. Building bridges

Split your group in half and give each team an identical supply of building materials. Some items that work well are Lego, popsicle sticks and glue or cardboard. Have each team make half of a bridge. When they are done, they must try and match up their half with the other teams and make it fit together. This fun exercise will promote out of the box thinking and team collaboration.

36. Balancing Act

All this activity requires is a tarp and a tennis ball. Cut a few random, tennis ball size holes into the tarp. Divide teams up into four players and have one take each corner of the tarp. Teams must keep the tennis ball on the tarp without allowing it to fall through the hole. The team that can do this the longest wins!

37. All tied up

What better way to encourage people to work together than to tie them together! In this fun exercise partners are tied together at the wrists and then must complete simple tasks like wrapping a present or pouring a glass of water. See what other fun activities you can come up with and challenge teams to complete as quickly as possible. The first team to successfully complete all tasks will be the winner!

38. Online gaming session

The list of options for online games that you can play with your team is endless and all of them are a ton of fun! Microsoft Teams is a great place to find an endless list of different online games that you and your team can engage in.

39. Bucket list

Sharing personal details about yourself is an excellent way to break the ice and get to know one another. Listing off some of the top must-do items on your bucket list can be done either in person or virtually online and is a great way to start a discussion and to get your team to open up and share.

40. Team Name

This is the perfect exercise to do at the beginning of a meeting or a get-together. Seperate your group up into teams and have each team come up with a team name, a team emblem and a team cheer. Once they are done, have each team present what they have come up with to the rest of the group.

41. Online Campfire

Everyone loves the atmosphere of sitting around a warm campfire on a starlit, summer night. Why not create this same atmosphere during a virtual meeting. Guests can meet up on any online meeting space, like Skype or Zoom. Have everyone dim their lights and start out by talking about their day. Once everyone is settled and comfortable it’s time to break out the ghost stories and the campfire songs! If anyone knows how to play the guitar, make sure they bring it along!

42. Shark Tank

Looking to get your group’s creative juices flowing? Why not divide them up into pairs or small teams and have them develop a product or invention to pitch in front of a mock panel of shark tank investors. Have the judges give points for creativity, believability and effort. The team with the most points wins!

43. Murder Mystery Game

Murder mystery games are one of the best ways to get people to come together, interact with each other and have fun! Pre-made mystery packs can be purchased and all of the instructions, down to the finest details, are included inside. Each person is given a specific character and even a recommended wardrobe to wear and has certain tasks that they must accomplish throughout the night. At the end, everyone must look at the clues they have gathered and determine who is the Murderer! Whoever guesses correctly wins! There are also many companies who are offering an online version of this popular party game which makes it even easier to get together when you can’t do so in person.

44. Pay it Forward

Sharing stories of kindness is one of the best ways to create an uplifting atmosphere and inspire others. Have your team sit in a group and share all of their stories of ways that they have both experienced or helped to spread kindness. Then have everyone think up different ways that we can all do a little bit more to spread kindness to others throughout our day.

45. Mindfulness Minute

Its no surprise that people nowadays are experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety. Why not bring your team together for some mindfulness exercises, breathing exercises, meditation or even yoga. This is perfect to do online via Skype, Zoom or even on an online yoga class or can be done in person. It is an excellent way to unite your team in a calm, peaceful environment and promote unity amongst everyone.

46. Movie Night

Watching a classic flick is a great way to unite people and get conversations started. Choose a movie that has special meaning to either your group or to your company and set aside a time for everyone to watch. This can be done in person or virtually. Then afterwards, spend some time talking about everyone’s likes and dislikes and about the core themes that the movie expresses.

47. Picture Time

Everyone loves baby pictures right? So why not have everyone in your group bring in a picture of themselves as a baby and post it up on the board. The only catch; don’t let anyone share who each picture is of! Give everyone a chance to write down who they believe each baby is and whoever has the most correct guesses wins!

48. Favorite Thing

Give everyone in the room a slip of paper and have them write down what their favorite thing is. Make sure that it is an item that they own or once owned (no people or places). Have them drop it in a hat and shuffle them around. Everyone should now draw a slip of paper and one by one, share what the item is and make up a story to explain why it could be someone’s favorite thing. Then they must guess whose favorite thing it is. The person who wrote the item down can then share their story about what makes it their favorite and then take a turn reading from their chosen slip of paper.

49. Where Are You From

Finding out where people are from is one of the best ways to get people to open up and start sharing about themselves. It is an excellent ice breaker and helps the people in your team start to get to know one another better. It can also be very useful at breaking down barriers and stereotypes. To do this exercise, place a large world map up on the wall and give each person a sticker. One by one, have each person come up to the map and place their sticker on the region that they were born in and ask them to provide either an interesting fact or a fond memory about that place.

50. Myers-Briggs Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Assessment is a personality test that is often used as an introduction to team building exercises and can also be used to create better working teams. This test can be completed fairly quickly and can be done in person or online. It will give an indication about what basic type of personality a person has, such as whether they are introverted or extroverted and can be fun, insightful and create a lot of interesting discussion. It can also help unite common personality types.

51. Four Tendencies Assessment

The Four Tendencies Assessment is another type of personality test that can be found online and completed in a short period of time. Like the Myers-Briggs Assessment, it will help people have a better understanding of what personality type they are and breaks people into one of four groups; the Upholders, the Obligers, the Rebels or the Questioners.

52. Quarterly Christmas

Who says Christmas can only come once a year? Why not try doing a quarterly Christmas where you and your group gather to go over all of the events of the last quarter, take some time to enjoy a good feast, play some fun music and maybe even exchange a secret Santa gift!

53. Pet Pictures

Pet pictures are always a fun thing to share, just look at some of the most popular posts on social media! Have everyone in your group bring in a picture of their beloved pets and post it on the wall. Play a guessing game to determine which pet belongs to who and then have everyone share a funny story about their furry friend.

54. MTV Cribs

MTV Cribs was one of MTV’s hottest shows in its day so why not host your own virtual version of the show with your team! Have everyone share a short video of their home or their office to show others where they spend their days.

55. This vs. That

This vs. That is a fun game to play to find out what people’s likes and dislikes are. Break your team into smaller groups of four or five and start out with a this vs. that scenario. For example, pancakes vs. waffles. Your team must decide as a group which is the winner. If everyone chooses waffles, then it will go on to the next round where someone in the group will decide what waffles will compete against next. For example, waffles vs. Ice cream, ice cream vs. puppies, puppies vs. kittens and so on. This continues for a set amount of time after which each group can announce what the winning item was.

56. Typing Speed Race

Having proficient typers in your office is always a good thing and to encourage everyone to improve, why not challenge them to a friendly competition. There are a wide variety of different typing tests online. Choose one and have everyone in your group complete it and post their typing speed for everyone else to see.

57. Virtual Pub Crawl

Hosting a virtual pub crawl event can be a lot of fun, it’s a great way to get some work done and it helps keep people united when they can’t be together physically. Choose a list of websites that relate to your business and have everyone meet up online on any virtual meeting site. Encourage everyone to bring a beverage of their choice (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic, it doesn’t matter.) Give out the first web page and allow everyone a few minutes to browse it and then have a discussion on the information you find there. Every 15 minutes, switch to a new website.

58. Dancing With The Stars

What better way to unite people than through the art of dance. Enroll your group in dancing lessons and host your own Dancing with the Stars competition. This is a great way to get your group up on their feet and moving around and it will teach them a new skill!

59. 1 Minute Show and Tell

This is a great exercise to do during a Zoom meeting. Give all participants one minute to find something close to them and then allow everyone one minute to talk about what they have found. Encourage them to share where they got it, why they chose it and what kind of purpose it has in their life.

60. Exciting Sponge

This is a fun way to encourage creativity and out of the box thinking. Have everyone in your group find a random item and then give everyone a minute or two to share a random, obscure and interesting story about its origin and its use. The crazier and more outlandish the story the better! For example, have them talk about how a regular old sponge is actually a lost pirate treasure worth millions of dollars and is sought after by the world’s most prestigious collectors. This exercise can be done in person or during an online group meeting.

61. Never have I ever

This is a fun game that most people have probably played at one time or another. Make up a list of questions beforehand that directly relate to your work or the topic of your meeting. For example, “Never have I ever forgot to bring my lunch to work.” Everyone who has forgotten their lunch, raises their hand and marks down a point. At the end of all the game the person with the most points wins!

62. Things

This is a fun game that can be played online or in person. Give the group a suggestion for “things”. For example, “Things my pet does,” or “things to discuss in the next meeting.” Have everyone submit one answer anonymously and then have the moderator read each answer and give the group a chance to guess who said what!

63. What gets you ticked

This is an excellent way for people to discuss things at work that have been bothering them. Give everyone a chance to say one thing at work that “gets them ticked off” and then encourage the group to come up with solutions to the problem. To keep this from ending up as a complete venting session, once the problem has been stated, keep everyone’s focus of finding a resolution.

64. Book Club

Why not start up a book club with your group members and facilitate a weekly meeting to chat about what you have read! This is a fun way to encourage reading and to allow others the chance to get to know one another. You can choose books that directly relate to your group or your workplace or just pick something off of the bestseller list!

65. Geocaching

Geocaching is like an outdoor treasure hunt that uses GPS coordinates. Small items are hidden at locations and geocachers must find the exact location of the item, using only their GPS and then check the location off on their list. Geocache hunts can be found online or you can set up your own geocache challenge in your office.

66. The Common Thread

Break your participants up into smaller groups and have them share details about one another to determine one thing that is common among all of them. Once they have agreed on something, have them make up a team name and team cheer and for the rest of the day have them embrace their commonality and act out that stereotype with every interaction that they have. For example, if they all love rollercoasters, have them throw up their arms and yell, randomly throughout the day!

67. Who am I

Create name tags with the names of famous people on them and place one on each participant’s back, without letting them read it first. Each participant must walk around the room and ask questions from others about who they are. Once they have guessed correctly they are out of the game.

68. What’s on your desk

This is an easy activity to do, either online or in person that helps to promote creativity and quick thinking. Have each participant grab a random object off of their desk and give a short, one minute sales pitch about the object to make it as desirable as possible. At the end of the activity, vote on who is the best salesman.

69. Classify the Objects

Choose an assortment of random objects (gather up approximately 20) and have each team classify these objects into four groups. Each team must agree amongst themselves how the objects will be classified. At the end of a specified period of time, have each team share what their classification topics are and how they grouped the random items.

70. It’s Your Problem

Why not allow your group to come up with their own team building exercises! Have teams create team building challenges that work on creativity, communication and teamwork and the best challenge will be completed by the group as a whole!

71. Concentration

I’m sure we all remember playing concentration when we were children so why not enjoy that same fun as an adult? Create a deck of cards with images related to your company or perhaps with pictures of our employees and ensure that there are duplicates of each image. Have participants take turns flipping over two cards and trying to get a match. The person with the most matches, wins. This is an excellent way for employees to get to know one another and to familiarize themselves with the company and its products.

72. Hello, My Name is

Purchase a stack of “Hello, My Name is” name tags and write an emotion on each one. As participants enter the meeting, randomly give one to each member and have them act the emotion out for the duration of the meeting. Some examples of emotions to use are: grumpy, happy or funny.

73. Problem Solving

Write a work related problem at the top of a piece of paper with a verticle line down the middle of the page. On the left, write down 1 thing that could have caused the problem and on the right, one potential solution to the problem. Pass the paper to the next person and have them do the same. Once everyone has had a chance to contribute, read through the answers and have a discussion. This is a great way to get to the root of a problem and come up with solutions to prevent it from happening again.

74. Penny for your thoughts

Collect a bunch of pennies, one for each year that your employees were born, then have employees take turns sharing one thing that happened to them that year. This is a great way for people to get to know one another and to share their life experiences.

75. Dog, Grain, Chicken

Have your team members work together in small groups to solve this riddle: A farmer has a dog, a bag of grain and a chicken and must cross the river by boat to return home. He can only take one item with him at a time. He can’t leave the dog alone with the chicken because he will eat it and he can’t leave the chicken alone with the grain. How will he get all three across and home safely?

76. Triangle

Have everyone in your group stand up and form the shape of a triangle. One person will stand in the middle, facing a random direction. Have this person close their eyes, spin around a few times and then stop. Now the people in the triangle have one minute to rearrange themselves to replicate how the triangle looked like, and was situated before the person spun around. This fun activity helps work on memory.

77. The Pencil Challenge

Using a piece of string about two feet long, have two participants hold one end behind their back. Tie another, shorter piece of string to the end of a pencil and then tie this to the middle of the other piece of string. Place an empty water bottle on the floor, below the pencil and have the two participants work together, back-to-back to lower the pencil into the bottle. This activity is sure to cause a lot of laughs.

78. Flip it over

Place a large sheet or blanket on the floor and have your team (5 to 10 people, depending on the size of the blanket) stand on it, leaving one quarter of it empty. Now have them work as a team and try to flip the blanket over, so they are standing on the back, without stepping off of it. This activity will encourage out of the box thinking and problem solving.

79. The Story

Create ten pictures that form a storyline. Divide your group up into ten teams. Provide each team with a picture and have them discuss their picture with the other groups, without showing anyone else the actual picture. All of the teams must work together to determine the order that their pictures should go in, to correctly and sequentially tell the story.

80. Perfect Pair

Create name tags with pair words on them. For example, one with the word salt and another with the word pepper. Without showing participants, place the name tag on their back and have them try to ask questions to determine their word and then seek out their partner.

81. Balloons

Give everyone in your group a slip of paper and a balloon. Have each person think up an interesting question, write it on the slip of paper and then place it inside the balloon and blow it up. Next have everyone sit in a circle, choose a balloon other than their own and pop it, then read the question out loud to the group and answer it! This is a great activity to get to know others!

82. Blindfolded Puzzle

Break your group into pairs and give them a very easy jigsaw puzzle to complete. One person will be blindfolded. The other person can only use verbal communication and must direct their blindfolded team mate to complete the puzzle. The first team to complete this wins!

83. Marshmallow Tower

Provide all of your teams some uncooked spaghetti, marshmallows, masking tape and string. Give them a set amount of time to build a tower out of these materials. The goal is to create the tallest, freestanding structure that can stay standing for at least five seconds without support.

84. Workplace Timeline

On a whiteboard, create a timeline for your workplace with some of the most memorable events for your company listed on it. Then have your employees mark some of the most important highlights of their lives on it. This is a great way to integrate both the company and it’s employees and to show how both are connected.

85. Go-Kart Racing

If you are looking for a fun way to get your team out of the office and involved in something exciting, why not take them to your local Go-Kart track! A fun race in a little go-kart is a great way to blow off steam and have some friendly competition.

86. Baseball Game

Why not start up a baseball league! This is a great way to get outdoors in the summer and have some fun. Your group will learn to work as a team while they get to stretch their legs and get some exercise at the same time!

87. The Suddenly Story

Have your group sit in a circle and start off by telling the opening to a story. End off in the middle of a thought by saying “then suddenly!” The next person must then jump in, tell three sentences of the story and again end off with “then suddenly!” It continues like this, around the circle until the story is finished.

88. Blind Waiter

Why not have some fun by practicing your skills as a waiter. Break your group up into teams of six. Everyone except the team leader will be blindfolded. The leader must lead each person to gather one of the following: a wine bottle, a corkscrew and a glass. The remaining two people must act as a patron and a server. The server must open and pour the wine blindfolded and the patron must drink it without using their hands. This is a hilarious activity that is sure to have your group laughing for days to come!

89. Karaoke Night

Why not take your group out for a night of Karaoke! This activity will encourage people to mingle, get to know each other and just let loose for a few hours! If going out isn’t an option, why not try some virtual karaoke online!

90. Volunteering

Making a difference in your local community is a great way to bring together your team and encourage them to work together and help others. Volunteering at a homeless shelter or food bank, planting trees or cleaning up the parks around your office are a great way to promote unity and to give back.

91. Quick Mingle

This exercise won’t take up much time and you can do it inside. It takes just a couple of minutes and you can use any number of participants. Before a meeting, have each participant walk around to the others and let them know what they hope to achieve in the meeting. Offer a prize or incentive to the person who shares with the most people. This helps them get to know one another, but also makes the meeting more productive. Plus, it is simple to do.

92. Brewery/Wine/Food Tasting Tour

Everyone loves the opportunity to try new food or drinks so why not take your team out for a tour of a local brewery, winery or on a food tasting tour? Its a great way to socialize and get to know one another plus it's a fun filled experience that allows you to experience some local fare.

93. Pottery Class

A pottery class is an excellent way to express your creativity. Why not sign your team up for a pottery class to make something for their desk? Perhaps a new coffee mug or a pencil holder! This will make for a fun night out where everyone can learn a new skill and get to know one another while doing it!

94. Time of Your Life

This little exercise is the perfect way to create a positive mood amongst your group. It will help to uplift everyone's spirits and allows everyone to get to know others and what makes people happy and passionate. Have everyone close their eyes and remember the best time of their life. Encourage them to remember this time in detail and focus on all the little details and highlights of that time. Then, of that best time, have them pick out the best 30 seconds. Each participant should share this 30 second experience with the group and why it is their favorite memory.

95. Picture Puzzle

Take a picture (perhaps one out of a magazine of a famous person or scene) and divide it carefully and equally into smaller squares, one for each person in your group. Hand one to each person along with a full size piece of paper and any utensils that are required to recreate their image (for example; pens, markers, a ruler etc.) Have each person in the group recreate their piece of the picture, but enlarged, onto the full size of their piece of paper. When everyone is done, the group must take their recreations and try to piece them together to form the entire picture.

96. The Birthday Game

Have your entire group line up in a straight line. Then have them arrange themselves according to their birthday, using month and day only. The only catch is they cannot use any verbal communication. Once they are done, have everyone speak their birthday from the front of the line to the back and see how close they were to being correct.

97. The Igloo

Teams are divided up into smaller groups of four or five and each group is given a box of sugar cubes. The teams must imagine themselves in the arctic and they must create a shelter to help them survive the night. A leader is chosen, but this leader is suffering from frostbite while the rest of the team members are suffering from snow blindness and are blindfolded. The leader must instruct the others on how to build an igloo or shelter of some sort with the sugar cubes by giving them specific instructions.

98. Cooking Class

Learning how to cook a new dish is an experience that everyone can appreciate and enjoy! Take your team out to a local cooking school and have them partake in a cooking class. They will learn a new skill and also learn about the rest of the group as well!

99. Telephone on Paper

Have group members sit in a large circle and give each a piece of paper and a pen. Have them draw a simple drawing on the paper then pass it to their right. The next person will fold the paper in half and write what the picture was of. The paper is then passed to the right again. The next person reads the description, folds the paper again, to hide the words, and draws a picture of that word. This continues, alternating between writing and drawing through several rounds. At the end, it is very interesting to see everyone’s interpretation and to find out if the final image or description still matches the first one!

100. Survivor

Break your group up into teams and give each team an identical list of ten items. Next provide them with a survival scenario; perhaps they are stranded on an island or lost in the forest. All they have with them are the tenn items on their list. Have each team rank each item on how useful it will be and determine all of the possible ways that it could be used to help them survive.

101. The Leg Challenge

This is a fun physical challenge that requires a bit of problem solving skills as well. To begin, divide your group up into teams of three. Set up five markers in a row, approximately fifteen feet apart. At the starting line, have all three team members link their arms and set off, using all six of their legs, towards the first marker. Once they reach it, they must now only use five legs to reach the next marker. At each marker they must use one less leg and may have to get creative about how they do this! Plus remember, all team members must keep their arms linked in some way, at all times!

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