How to Play Phrazle

Your goal is to guess the missing phrase. Enter words to see if you can guess it, and you’ll see colored boxes that will give you hints:

  • Green means you chose the right letter in the right spot.
  • Orange means you have the correct letter, and it’s in that word, but in the wrong spot.
  • Purple means you guessed a letter that is in another word.
  • Grey means the letter does not exist in the phrase.

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Try to use words that maximize the number of common vowels and constants.

Most Common Vowels

  • E: The most frequently used vowel in English.
  • A: Very common in many words.
  • I: Also widely used in both short and long words.
  • O: Common but slightly less so than E, A, and I.
  • U: The least common of the five vowels, but still frequently used.

Most Common Consonants

  • T: Often the most commonly used consonant in English texts.
  • N: Very common, especially in conjunction with 'T' (as in "nt" combinations).
  • R: Widely used in many word endings and beginnings.
  • S: Highly common, especially in plurals and present tense verbs.
  • L: Frequently used in a wide variety of words.
  • Other common consonants include D, C, M, and P, which are also quite prevalent but not quite as frequent as the ones listed above.

Words to use

Try using these words, which are frequently used but also have common vowels and consonants.

2-Letter Words:

  • "An" or "On": These words include common vowels and consonants that are often used in English.

3-Letter Words:

  • "The" or "And": These are very common in English and include frequently used consonants and a vowel.
  • "Cat" or "Dog": Common, simple words with a good mix of vowels and consonants.

4-Letter Words:

  • "That" or "With": These words are common and include a mix of consonants and vowels.
  • "Home" or "Time": Common words that can help in identifying vowels and common consonants.

5-Letter Words:

  • "About" or "Other": These words have a good mix of vowels and consonants, which can be very helpful in identifying letter placements.
  • "Crane" or "Slate": Contain common letters and are good starting points to narrow down options.

6-Letter Words:

  • "Friend" or "Public": These are common words with a mix of vowels and consonants.
  • "Garden" or "Silver": Provide a good balance of frequently used letters in English.

7-Letter Words

  • "Against": This word contains a mix of common vowels and consonants, making it a strong choice for identifying multiple letters.
  • "Central": Another good mix of vowels and consonants, including the frequently used 'r', 'n', and 'l'.

8-Letter Words

  • "Complete": This word covers a wide range of common letters, including two vowels and several frequently used consonants.
  • "Material": With its combination of vowels and consonants, this word can help in identifying or ruling out several letters.

Other Games to Try

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  • Clue Hurdle - A game like Phrazle, but you get a clue!
  • Solitaire - Our most popular game where you have to organize cards in a tableau area to place them in a foundation by suit in ascending order.