Which Tabletop Games Have the Most Cheaters?

By Neal - 07/15/2022

With the summer holidays coming up parents will be looking for family games to entertain their kids with. Once screentime has been used on their favorite show, video game or perhaps Spider Solitaire, tabletop games are a great go-to option.  

It seems inevitable that every time we sit down for a tabletop game these days, at least one member looks to cheat. Whether that is sneaking in more money from the bank in Monopoly or switching out the cards in a Hearts deal – there is always something which leads to arguments.  

We’ve decided to look at which tabletop games we are most likely to cheat at, based on Google searches for cheating tips. 

Tabletop Games That Have the Most Cheaters?

The tabletop game with the most cheaters is Scrabble with 11,110 monthly searches on Google, perhaps the most popular as cheating would be hard to point out. In second place is Chess with 5,660 monthly searches, an easy way to speed up the game is to use a ‘next best move’ calculator. In third, we have Monopoly with 2,220 monthly searches, be careful not to start fights cheating in this competitive family game! 


Scrabble is the game most likely to have cheaters, make sure to keep an eye on other players when playing. We’re advocates of a fair gaming experience and whilst it may seem harmless, just remember the ultimate goal is to have fun and enjoy the holidays. 


The tabletop games chosen to analyze were card & board games. Using Google Keyword Planner, we searched two terms per game related to ‘cheats’, these were then added together to create a combined number of monthly cheating searches.

About the author

Neal Taparia is one of the founders of Solitaired. He loves playing card games and is interested in understanding how games can help with brain training and skills building. In addition to card games, he also likes fishing and mountain biking.

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