Which Online PC Games Have the Most Cheaters?

By Neal - 07/05/2022

For as long as there have been games, there have been ways to cheat. Even in games such as Spider Solitaire, FreeCell, and Klondike hints can be given for stuck players. 

Online video games in particular are rife with cheaters. Gamers of all ages are looking to get the one-up against online players, whether that’s wall hacking in Call of Duty: Warzone or money glitches in GTA 5 online. 

At Solitaired we wanted to find out which online video games people cheat at the most, which game has the most searches on Google for ‘cheats’, ‘hacks’ and ‘aimbot’.

At the top of our table is Call of Duty Warzone with 31,300 searches a month relating to cheating, with the top search term of ‘cod cheats’ with 22,200 searches. Call of Duty Warzone is closely followed by Roblox with 28,400 searches, with ‘roblox hacks’ having 27,100 searches, the top searched term on our list. Coming in third is Grand Theft Auto 5 online with 15,900 searches, the top searched term was ‘gta 5 online hacks’ with 8,600 searches.


Overall, Call of Duty Warzone and Roblox are the games with the most cheaters, with almost twice as many as Grand Theft Auto 5 in third. 

Our most surprising finding was the interest in cheating generally across all analyzed online games. There are on average, 129,260 searches relating to cheating in the most popular 20 online PC games. It goes without saying that, a standard players experience is drastically put at a disadvantage from online cheaters. Cheat codes, hacks and aimbots ruin the competitive nature of online gaming.  


The twenty games chosen to analyze were all popular online PC games. Using Google Keyword Planner, we searched three terms per game related to ‘cheats’, ‘hacks’ or ‘aimbots’, these were then added together to create a combined number of monthly cheating searches.

About the author

Neal Taparia is one of the founders of Solitaired. He loves playing card games and is interested in understanding how games can help with brain training and skills building. In addition to card games, he also likes fishing and mountain biking.

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