How to Play Solitaire At Work Without Your Boss Finding Out

By - 03/27/2020

Disguise Solitaire as a Google Spreadsheet

Probably to no one’s surprise, we’re big Solitaire fans. One of the best parts about Solitaire is how it can tuck into the downtime parts of your day – like when you’re waiting for a commercial to finish, or a pot to boil, or laundry to get done.

At home, it’s easy to play Solitaire. But what about all the times you have downtime when at work? You know, during a boring meeting or when you’re waiting to get a reply to an email or Slack message? You can’t just fire up Solitaire, since in this age of open offices, that might look bad. Your boss might even disparage you!

For those Solitaire fans craving a way to tap into their addition when at work, we’d like to introduce “Excelitaire.” We’ve turned our normal Solitaire game into a version that looks like it’s in Google Spreadsheets. You’ll be playing a nice, calming game of Solitaire while everyone around you thinks you’re diligently crunching numbers.

How to load our Excel-style Solitaire:

  • Go to our homepage and click the “Work mode” button.

Click on Work Mode

  • The game you’re playing automatically converts into a Excel / Spreadsheets version of Solitaire. Your existing game is preserved.
  • If you need to switch back, click the Classic Mode button.

Go back to classic mode

Everything else works as expected. Cards now look like Spreadsheet cells, but they can be dragged, double-clicked, etc, as per usual.

Now while we don’t expect anyone to start looking forward to their office job, we hope we can make your day just a bit more enjoyable. Have fun! And if you notice anything wrong, or have any suggestions, send us a note.

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