Happiness Deficit: The Income Gap to be Happy

By Neal Taparia - 03/29/2021

When we ask our users why they come to Solitaired, their answer is simple: it makes them happy. It got us curious. What does it take to be happy. We questioned over 3,900 people in every state about how much more money they would need to make them happy, and to learn what else might make them happy. Below are the insights!

If you need a minute to improve your hapiness, try playing one of our quick and fun games like Solitaire, FreeCell, or Spider. If you're in the mood for other types of games, try Mahjong, or Hearts.

About the author

Neal Taparia is one of the founders of Solitaired. He loves playing card games and is interested in understanding how games can help with brain training and skills building. In addition to card games, he also likes fishing and mountain biking.

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