ASU GSV Solitaire Game

By - 03/29/2021

Prior to building Solitaired, we had spent our past lives building an education business called Imagine Easy Solutions. We were able to help millions of students with their citations, grammar, and plagiarism.

Every year, we would attend the ASU GSV conference in San Diego. It’s one of the premier education conferences in the world.

There, we met many friends in the education space, but also learned about the future trends of education. Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCS were discussed at the conference years ago. As of late, the future of work and upskilling has been a major topic at the conference.

It was at ASU GSV last year, where we started to learn about the trend of gamification in education. We left the conference thinking about how you can achieve educational goals by having fun through games?

That’s when a light bulb went off for us. We had always been fans of Solitaire, Spider Solitaire and Freecell . It’s been a go to game on train rides into New York City, or on flights. We’ve always enjoyed the challenge of playing and solving the game.

What if we can use classic games like solitaire to help with cognition? As we researched further, we found that games have numerous benefits. They help with everyday stress by allowing you to escape anxiety, improving mental health. When you’re in a challenging game, hormones are released where you start to feel happiness and pleasure. And solitaire games can even exercise your brain and memory when you try to remember the sequences needed to beat a game.

That led us to building Solitaired. Our vision is to create a fun place not only to play classic games, but to also layer on exercises that can improve brain strength.

Needless to say, we credit ASU GSV with a lot of our inspiration towards innovating in the edtech space, and we were thrilled to create this game for them to highlight some of their speakers. Enjoy playing the game!

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