New Solitaire Features

By - 03/29/2021

We’ve been hard at work improving our free online solitaire games. Our goal is to create one of the best destinations to have fun and play solitaire.

Over the last few months, we’ve introduced a number of features to improve gameplay:

  • We have a game of the day where you can see how you compare to all the other players on our site for moves made and time scored. You can play it as many times as you want to move up in the ranking.
  • If you missed playing our game of the day, you can now play our past ones. Under the “New Game” button, you’ll see an option to play past games of the day. See if you can beat some of our top players.
  • With our Klondike solitaire game, we received feedback that some users wanted to limit the number of times they pass through the deck. While we still allow unlimited pass throughs, you can keep track of this at the bottom of the game, and challenge yourself by limiting the number of times you go through the stockpile.
  • You can now play with sounds. Under the “More” button, you’ll see an option to turn on sounds. Enjoy playing solitaire more with the sounds of cards moving around the game.
  • If you were wondering how many cards are left in the stock, you can now see that at the bottom of the game.
  • We’ve added more thematic decks. Now you can play with designs from talented indie artists, to thematic educational decks that teach you about famous inventors, civil rights leaders, and heroes of air and space travel. You can also play Freecell and Spider with these unique decks.
  • If you don’t like the classic green background, you can customize it to any color you want. Under the “More” button, select “Change Design” and you’ll find the option to change the felt color.
  • We've introduced two new games: Mahjong and Hearts. Mahjong is a tile matching game and Hearts is a trick-tracking game.